Meet the Mac Pros Team

Skilled. Dedicated. Passionate.

At Mac Pros, our team members are the driving force behind our success as the most trusted Apple service provider in Sioux Falls. With a deep passion for all things Apple, our highly skilled and experienced technicians and support staff are committed to delivering the best possible service to our customers. By getting to know our team members, you'll gain insight into their expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing personalized and efficient solutions to any issues you may be experiencing with your Apple products. Discover the people behind the Mac Pros brand today.

Image of Gary
Founder & President

Gary Rensch saw the beginning of an Apple revolution far earlier than most.

After earning his degree in English, Gary found work in the printing industry as a copy editor and as a page-layout apprentice right after the Mac was invented. It was the stone age of computers and digital pre-press. The software was amazing but rudimentary by today's standards.

In 1994 after gaining experience working at Computer Solutions, Gary started Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) a home-based business focused on sales and service for professionals using Macs. EPS later became Mac Pros where he built an expert team.

Gary's passions include travel, construction, and producing tear-jearking family videos.

Image of Allen
Store Manager

Allen Newman's first computer experience was learning BASIC programming on a TRS-80 Model I in sixth grade, but that was before he tried MacPaint on the original Apple Macintosh — that was a magic moment in 1984! Feeling empowered, Allen jumped right into graphic design, creating his junior high school yearbook cover, his high school choir department logo, and writing and illustrating articles for his local Apple user group's newsletter. Before his frequent visits to his local computer store inspired his career choice, Allen's Mac skills shaped his college years, where he was design editor and unofficial Mac I.T. guy of his college newspaper and also learned digital sound design for theatre.

Allen has over 20 years' retail experience, starting in 1997 as a salesperson at Computer Solutions, and as office manager at Mac Pros since its founding in 2004. As store manager, Allen helps our sales and service teams improve customer service, handles our day-to-day relationships with Apple and other vendors, orders products and supplies, manages our point-of-sale software, website, and social media, schedules staff, does our payroll, and keeps our books. Allen also helped update our building facade and logo designs. When he's not at work, Allen enjoys using a Mac mini as a home media center.

Image of Christopher
Service Manager, Chief Apple Certified Technician

Christopher got his start on Apple technology while working for Gary Rensch, at Electronic Publishing Services (EPS) of Sioux Falls back in the late 1990s. Christopher took excellent care of his digital prepress clients during those early years, until the urge to break out on his own and take on greater challenges took him to the Twin Cities metropolitan area where he started MacWorks, a small Apple-focused IT service company and web development shop. Christopher provided fast and reliable Apple-related services to his many small business customers.

Christopher started programming in BASIC when he was just eleven years old, and later immersed himself in the study and support of internet technologies when the World Wide Web took its first baby steps in the 1990s. Over the years, he has built a number of dynamic, data-driven web sites and web applications. His favorite web language is PHP. His favorite creative hobbies include: digital photography, fresh water aquariums, and gardening.

Christopher continues to ensure quality service at Mac Pros by building and refining better systems that ensure high customer satisfaction, accurate repair quotes, fast turn-around times, and more.

Image of Ronn
Senior Apple Certified Technician, Service Guru

Ronn is an expert technician with an uncanny ability to recall pertinent technical information. He executes repairs quickly and accurately.

Ronn has a background in producing local news and in photography – industries that heavily utilize Apple products. He also has years of experience at Mac Pros where he started as a sales person and has ascended to one of our most valuable Apple Certified Technicians.

He also has cats and likes to garden.

Image of Elijah
Senior Apple Certified Technican

Elijah is super-friendly and strives to resolve your service needs even faster than possible.

Elijah graduated from Sioux Falls Christian in 2019 and is currently studying History with an emphasis in Political Science at the University of Sioux Falls to pursue a career in politics. He is consistently seeking to amaze our customers.

Image of Richard
Apple Specialist, Front-end Associate, Certified Technican, Trade-In Leader, Training Coordinator

Richard is earger to help you with all of your needs.

Richard is our point person when you wish to sell or trade-in your Apple product.

Image of Mike
Sales Manager, HR Manager

Mike provides top-notch customer service with the determination to help you find the right sales and service solutions.

Image of Graham
Front-end Associate, Apple Certified Technician

Graham's fascination with Apple products began at a very young age. He remembers investigating his MacBook or iPhone, trying to find out what hidden features, menus, or bugs he could dig up. He loves to program websites and dabbles in graphic design.

Graham is a senior at Harrisburg High School with plans to further his education by attending the University of South Dakota. He plans to study Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. Graham hopes to one day design or program the next great medical technology of the future.

Image of Nick
Front-end Associate, Junior Apple Certified Technician

Nick is an aspiring technichan and customer-service superstar.

His passion for Apple products started at a very young age.

A musician playing in his own rock band, he hopes to make it big.